The same unearthly sound was heard over different cities around the world, possibly on the same day: January 12, 2012

Strange, frightening sounds were heard coming from the sky in multiple locations around the world. The sounds all seem pretty similar… and unearthly.

About a week ago there were reports of a strange noise in Costa Rica. Those were accompanied by what sounded like strange rhythmic explosions. Experts confirmed there was no volcanic nor seismic activity at the time.

A recent video shows forest workers in Conklin, Albeta, looking bewildered as they listen to the strange noises.

What the heck is happening around the planet?

I don’t know that this phenomena all occurred on the same day. One video has no description, and no date given; but it was uploaded on January 12 of this year. Two of the videos do indicate that the recording was made on the 12th.

It’s at least a safe guess that they occurred near the same day, if not on the exact same day.

I personally would be interested in seeing the wild life reaction. 

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