The Grifter is an Internet urban legend about a horrifying and disturbing video which psychologically traumatizes the viewer. Grifter threads are often considered to be a trolling technique by the original poster to spark debates about the video’s existence.

It was posted back in 2007-8 under some foreign link, the OP basically posted the link stating how fucked up it was. It was real grainy, from what i remember it showed strange images, like a bathtub full of writhing maggots, haunting paintings from old times melting, random forests,flashing colours, text in a different language (from what i remember) all while a strange voice played which sounded like a strange murmrer, if you’ve seen the ‘there is nothing’ video, it was like that voice but more indistinguishable.

Then the graininess lifted a little, and there was a video of a small puppy being held up by it’s neck, it was moving like in pain but it’s cries where like a human childs, it then cut to a nursery with lots of craddles all the children where still in the cots, presumed dead, it walked over to one of the cots, and one of the newborns raised up a little, began to cry, and bled from the eyes and mouth. then another shot of a basement (like the original picture) with a malformed hand disapearing into it blood stained.

Lastly it showed more text (someone ‘stated’ it said ’you’re race is one that is dying’) with an image of a plant rotting very quickly, close ups of corpses. and what i can only describe as ‘real’ cases of exorcism and demonic posession, which clearly have never been seen outside the said country of origin. while this seen plays, the voice that was talking fairly calmly, breaks out into screams of intense pain and suffering, which is just as deeply chilling as the initial shock.

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